Saturday, 30 July 2011

Sunshine by the sea

Here are some photos from last weekend when i had a walk along the sea/river in stockholm. It was a beautiful day and Stockholm is just a completely different place in the sunshine.This moment won't last that long, so, we'd better enjoy as much as possible when it's here :)

I'm going to Italy on Monday and will be back in two weeks,hope everyone  have a great summer holiday as well and i'll see you then :)

                                 hat: HM
                                 top: zara
                                 pants: HM
                                 shoes: zara
                                 green purse: local leather store
                                 red purse: Mulberry


Thursday, 28 July 2011

Paris (II) --Life & Love

Here are some more  photos from Paris, enjoy :)

On the night of July 14th( national day of France), at Place de la Concorde, waiting for the fireworks

  My Taos went to Paris with me and they had a great time :)


   These are just what i expect to see in paris, i guess :)

            the corner of a breakfast cafe

Tuesday, 26 July 2011

Some photos from Paris ( I )--Places

I've been busy for the past two weeks, just sorted out some photos from Paris trip, here is part of it, hope you'll enjoy :)

I love paris, it's a great city ^0^

                         dress: full circle
                          bag: zara & balenciaga

Monday, 11 July 2011


  I had a very relaxing saturday walking around the lake, beautiful weather, nice breeze, it feels great to smell the nature on a summer day like this :)
I'm feeling very happy right now because my sister is coming to visit me from China tomorrow and later this week, we're going to Paris, how exciting ~~~~

Hope everyone  have a lovely week too :)

                              dress: zara
                              cardigan: mango