Sunday, 29 May 2011

something vintage, something ethnic

I've heard people shop from vintage stores and i've seen people wear pretty unique items which they bought from vintage shops. It didn't appeal to me thou having the thought that they are old and second hand until last week i came across one in our neighbourhood and walked in out of curiosity. I stayed in there for about 15 minutes and came out with a few already:) The blouse and the skirt i wear today are what i got from there, and also the bag which i think ispecanspecial and cute:)

I never think too much when i buy things, such as how to wear them, what should i wear to combine and match, that's why i find this skirt  so boring when i was trying to wear it today. It just looks boring with any tops that i thought might go with it. the end, i decided to go " mad" , vintage on vintage, colour on colour, ethnic on ethinic...well, i'm already confused of what i'm doing here, just have a look and you may have your own conclusion :)

                               blouse: vintage
                               skirt: vintage
                               bag: vintage
                               scarf( on waist ): from China
                               belt: gap
                               hairband: from China
                               shoes: Chanel

Thursday, 26 May 2011

Three belts, one game !

 Once i was addicted to belts and socks, and the consequence for that is i need a whole wardrobe for all of them,  I buy them, but forget most of what i've bought and they just sleep in the closet all the time. When i was organising my belts the other day, i thought maybe i could find a way to wear them more ?
So...I did this: three belts, one game .Hope this is a good experiment so that there will be more chances to let my belts enjoy the sun as well :)

hat: aldo
shirt: JNBY
skirt: HM
belts: old ones, don't remember where the're from
bag: vintage

Wednesday, 25 May 2011

An illustration by Miss Ribeiro

 Recently, i found a blog by  Miss Ribeiro and immediately became her fan. She draws very nice  illustrations which I love so much. And today, when i go to her blog as usual to check the new post, I found myself ... here it is! thank you , Miss Ribeiro, i think i like the girl on the right more, haha~~

                     illustration by Miss Ribeiro ( original see here)

Fuchsia might also be quiet? hopefully...

I do like bright colours, a lot, a lot. A red scarf would easily cheer me up on a cold rainy day, and when i screwed up my exam, i felt much less depressed looking down at my orange shoes...others may see this silly but they work on me anyway. I wear a lot of bright colours too, but genuinly i'm a quiet person and wouldn't want to catch the attention by screaming to people with every inch of the colour on my outfit " Look at me! Look at me!" I want to be quiet, in red, in yellow, in blue, in green... or in this fuchsia, hopefully...

                          top: zara
                          blazer: zara
                          shorts: topshop
                          shoes: topshop

Monday, 23 May 2011

Scarf or belt ?

This is what i used to do when i get bored, wraping my waist with a scarf or hanging a belt around my neck. There isn't a place where i think they should be, for me, it's rather a place where i want them to be. I find it is interesting and exciting to do that even though i know i may look funny:)   whatever, summer is coming in Stockholm, who cares where my scarf is ?  :)

                                                              tunic: HM
                                                              cardigan: zara
                                                              hat: HM
                                                              scarf : Burberry
                                                              belt: mango
                                                             shoes: Stevemadden
                                                             bag: zara

someone just reminded me that this is a bit like a kimono, so i went on line and found this little picture, now everyone can make a laugh , but i swear i didn't think of this when i was doing that :)

Saturday, 21 May 2011

Here comes the blue one

I'm so in love with the long skirt from zara this year, so as soon as i saw it coming out to the store in a different colour, i bought it . I know it would be much safer to pair it with a plain colour top, but i just want to try something different. Since i've started my floral journey, why don't i try it once more?
better or worse? I haven't got much to lose  ^0^

                                                                 top: topshop
                                                                 skirt: zara
                                                                 shoes: marc by marc jacobs
                                                                 bag: zara

Thursday, 19 May 2011

Go floral

I rarely have something floral, even though i like it when i see other girls looking so sweet and feminine in a nice floral piece. I just thought i wasn't that type to pull off the softness and tenderness. Well, today, i'm finally trying one, coz sometimes, dressing is not all about looking good, but  feeling good :)

dress: topshop
blazer: HM
shoes: topshop
bag: zara

Wednesday, 18 May 2011

seeing again my long skirt

Nothing is special about this outfit, neither did i mean to make it be. Just another ordinary  day, i'm feeling relaxed in this flowy long skirt , enjoying the sunshine, and chilling out :-)

                                                         top: zara
                                                         skirt: zara
                                                        shoes: HM

Monday, 16 May 2011

Keep it simple

On another sunny weekend, i decided to go for the minimallism ( actually this is just my excuse for being lazy lol ) . So i kept   my outfit plain and simple, only leaving the blue blouse to pop out and give it a shine :)

                                                      blazer: HM
                                                      blouse: zara
                                                      pants: zara
                                                      shoes: zara
                                                       bag: celine

Sunday, 15 May 2011

the pink dress

I got this dress the other day from a shop called Vero Moda, a place i would never think of going in when i was in China, but surprisingly, this dress immediately got my attention when i was passing by, and before i gave it a second thought, i've already walked in and bought it!  perhaps that's what most women do when it comes to shopping :-) We always buy things with a good reason, or no reason.....well, this time, i think i've got a good reason for this dress, as what my hubby says to me" you suit pink, it goes with your eyes...and nose"   lol

Ps: these pics were taken with my iphone at dusk, the quality isn't quite good at all : (

dress: vero moda
belt: Gap
shoes: zara
coat: from korea
bag: Gucci