Tuesday, 29 January 2013

Heels that won't kill

                          sweater: HM    boots & bag: MMM for HM

I just found these photos in my laptop , they were taken a while ago and I completely fogot about them, which is not a strange thing for me at all , forgive me but it's true that  as you grow older, your memory just won't get any better :)

Alright, You might have  seen these boots a lot of times already elsewhere , but I hope you are not getting bored with them.  I normally don't like to buy those  IT items which you see on most fashion bloggers, but these ones do catch my eyes for its clean shape and edgy detail,  it's just something easy to play with, no matter you want to go bold or just simple :)

Saturday, 26 January 2013

Change, is a good thing


                                                                 the old jeans
after bleaching
                                                tools that are needed for the ripped look
                                                            finished look

Having found this old pair of jeans that I bought back a few years ago but have never worn, I suddenly feel the urge to give it a completly new look. I guess we all have that moment, whether the result will turn out to be better or worse, change itself is something we are looking for and just that feeling will make you feel excited and refreshed. I could never wait if my mind is set for something ,so after a few busy hours of work, I get what i was hoping to get, job done ! Now maybe I should start to set my eyes on something else in my wardrobe, haha ~~

I was wearing Gap shirt, Jcrew cardigan, HM shirt on waist, HM snood, DIY ripped jeans from an old pair of Express jeans, Uniqlo vest, Zara pumps

Saturday, 19 January 2013

Minus 16 !!

I'm wearing: HM trend coat, HM jumper, DKNY leggings, Chanel bag
One thing I've learned since I moved to Stockholm is that you should never trust the sun in winter here, no matter how warm it may look to you if you see the lovely sunshine glows everywhere, Wrap yourself up when you go out !!  Trust the numbers you see on your screen, if it says it's minus 16, it won't even feel like  minus 10 ,  never failed  *..*
Happy weekend everyone :)

Monday, 14 January 2013

One jacket, two looks



  Look 1: Zara jacket, Cos cardigan, massimo Dutti shirt, Next pants, Bally shoes, purse from Korea

Look 2:  Zara jacket & dress, All saints cardigan, uniqlo jumper( on waist ), Prada boots, scarf from scotland

Found  this zara jacket in the sales the other day ,  I never had something like this before, it's strange though because  my closet  is always  generous and welcoming  towards clothes even if it looks like it's gonna explode the next minute, I never gave it a chance  to take this sort of militay, navy or uniform like gear in. Anyway, for some reason or no reason,  I decided to give it a try this time. Whether it's a disaster or surprise, I had some fun, mission achieved :)