Monday, 16 May 2011

Keep it simple

On another sunny weekend, i decided to go for the minimallism ( actually this is just my excuse for being lazy lol ) . So i kept   my outfit plain and simple, only leaving the blue blouse to pop out and give it a shine :)

                                                      blazer: HM
                                                      blouse: zara
                                                      pants: zara
                                                      shoes: zara
                                                       bag: celine


  1. 很喜欢这种simple yet chic的style,尤其喜欢最后一张照片的意境!!

  2. Is this the one we were talking about? I don't think it's the same pale pink blazer I bought...And just to be clear: I don't see any disaster but another successful story of color matching. ha ha ha...

  3. Love the simple outfit :) Love the color!

    Thanks for your lovely comment! Following you too :)


  4. waywewere: No, this is a different beige one i bought earlier this month,but i bought the same pale pink blazer as yours yesterday. This one is baggier, but somehow, it fits me better than the pink one. I like the pink colour, the fit is not that flattering on me for sure :)

  5. 铃铛,我要把你最后一句话转告给我家摄影师, 好鼓励他继续当苦力,哈哈~~

  6. Backyard Runway : i don't mind exchange it with some of yours, xixi~~

  7. thanks for the comment!! your blouse is really eye catching. Love your style!

    lets follow each other!

  8. Amazing blog, I join followers:)
    Thank you so much for a nice comment

  9. nice top! thanks for visiting my page!

  10. If that's your idea of lazy, than I have no words for when I am "lazy" haha. Your lazy is my sense of actually trying! You look great! And the blue really does stand out in the best way. I don't wear blue, but, I have been seeing so many wonderful ladies on blogger sport blue blouses the past few days that I'm wondering if I should reconsider. It really does say "it's summer time!". The shoes are also very cute! Thanks for commenting and leading me to your blog! I love it when I meet new bloggers with wonderful blogs!

  11. WOW, I like you're blog + style !
    so following you ...

    have you seen my latetst post ?

  12. Love your outfit!

    Love from Seoul,
    Nostalgic Senses

  13. I looove this outfit! that blazer with that bright blue top is luscious.

    I would love if you checked out my blog!
    House of Shoes


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